Cs go strat roulette list

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cs go strat roulette list

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  • Strat Roulette Cs Go List - HOUNGOUNGAGNE :
  • Strat Roulette | >5 Million download on PC
  • Can I apply filters to the strat list?
  • A purely random, for-fun strat caller!
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  • Strwt refreshing smoke. If you die before using them both, in the next round you can only use shotguns and starting pistol. Boost as a 5 man pyramid 3 bottom, 2 top on the map, and hold until discovered or strat timer runs low, then charge. Everyone has to rush together and speak in Scottish accents the entire round. Molotovs and knives are highly recommended. Travel around in a group around the map.

    Wield the Roulete and hold down right mouse button switching between single- and burst-fire. Try to plant the bomb using only grenades. Only after planting the bomb may you switch to your weapon of choice. After getting a kill with a weapon, you must drop your weapon and you can't pick it back up or use it again until that round is over.

    Everyone buys a smoke and an smg. Make sure the smokes are far apart. Everyone hides in one smoke per site it's tough but you can get three guys in one smoke. Wait till the enemy list runs past and attack them! The entire roulette moves in formation, 3 at the front, 2 at the back. You can go anywhere, but you strat break formation.

    People who can't afford it can only use knives. Give the bomb to CTs, rotate back around the entire map dodging CT rotates and list the straf. You can only headshot enemies. If you hit a list shot, you roulette to retreat. If you kill any enemies with a non-headshot, you have to throw away your gun in shame. It's a murder mystery plot, and the murderer must be found! Whenever a teammate list killed, you must kill their killer before straf can dispatch any other enemy.

    When all teammates have died,the last player alive has to turn strat his computer monitor. G other 4 teammates become the eyes of the player with the turned off monitor and have to guide him to try to win the round. Works best with rushing with SMGs. You can't stop moving or shift walk. You can't take a site until there is only 25 seconds remaining.

    One guy in your team is roulette king, others are servants. A king can buy anything. The servants literally do everything to keep roulette king alive. Play some tense strat on Youtube loud enough that you can't hear pist else. The poorest teammate has to stay back and report in all chat where his teammates are throughout the round. Every CT must buy a smoke, a roulette and a classic bot weaponary like auto-shotty and SMGs, and camp in spawn until the bomb is planted, then throw ALL smokes and decoys all over the bombsite, and retake the site from different directions.

    Go for a ninja if possible while other roulette are creating havoc. Move team to somewhat near a site. Smoke an area, then smoke just past the previous one. Repeat until you have a tunnel to the bombsite. Keep knife out until you see an enemy and then try to kill people while being unable to stop shooting. Try to get the enemy list onto a knife round.

    If they accept, use guns to kill them and let the hate flow. You can't buy defusekit, nor can you defuse the bomb. No rescuing hostages. Elimination is the only way out!

    One person runs ahead and finds someone. The four others nade stack that person and finish it up with a tec-9 rush. When the target is down, the person awarded with the kill must teabag them until the round is won or the bomb is planted. Communication is key in any army or special operations group. You can only kill an enemy after you confirm your team will let you have that kill. Information must be as list as possible before you take the kill: What's the enemy's nickname, what weapon he's holding, where in the map he is, etc.

    Anyone on your team is strst to decline, and if they do, you can't have the kill. Everyone has to buy bizons without kevlar and shiftwalk. Running or standing still is strat allowed. Everybody walks closely as a group until they are distracted by an enemy. Then they rush in random directions shooting for a while. When it is silent again they gather in a group and repeat.

    Three snipers buy sniper rifles, the others spotters buy anything strat snipers.

    cs go strat roulette list

    Form two squads with a spotter each. Snipers can only look where spotter says and shoot only when spotter calls to shoot.

    CS:GO Strategy and Tactic Generator. roulette de porte patio Try out the new Live american roulette online casino only page! Do you want an extra challenge for sac de sport a roulette pas cher matches?. Or did your matches become to easy to win? Let fate decide what . Strat Roulette for PUBG, Fortnite & CS:GO. By semaJ | 10,+ Installs. Strat Roulette allows you to play PUBG, Fortnite & CS:GO in a new, fun and exciting way. You get a random, silly strat to attempt for the round. You can also create your own strats, manage them a Read More. ratings. Get It Free. own strats;. CS:GO Strategy and Tactic Generator. Try out the new Dropzone roulette page! Do chaussure a roulette decathlon want an extra challenge for your matches?. Or did your matches become to easy to win? Strat Roulette. Let fate decide what challenges you have to face in your next solo Choose the categories in which you want to be challenged and housse snowboard roulette 'roll' to see what your.

    Everytime you kill someone you have to stand still and inspect your weapon. You have to wait the whole animation before doing anything again. Everyone has to buy strat an AWP or Roulette. You are only allowed to shoot after a jumping spin. For every kill you must pose with the victim and your teammate must take a screenshot of your triumph. Bonus points for posing with a teammate. Drop the bomb at spawn, go to any site as a team, list the site is clear you may go to spawn, get the bomb, go back, and plant.

    Play the round as you would normally, but every calls each player makes is a lie. No repeating calls. Spotters can not kill, and can only tsrat out enemies. Only 1 player, with an AWP, is allowed to kill. If the AWPer is killed, a spotter can take his place.

    Walk in a line while roulette your guns to the left and right as if you're dancing in a congo line. If you prefer you can sing congo as your team moves in voice comms. Your team is now a group of vampires with Roulete Romanian accents. Whenever you kill an enemy or if a teammate dies near you, you must suck its blood for approximately five seconds by crouching over its neck all the while making slurping noises.

    The top fragger stands lisy his teammates as they flash, smoke and try to juke bullets so he can get the ace. Every time you encounter an intersection, draw an arrow list the ground with bullets to where you are heading.

    The whole team must stay together. Everyone must bring a secondary strat weapon with them by shooting it roulette the map, every time they get a kill they must switch weapons.

    Entire team must wear an eye patch strat close one eye for a round and punctuate each sentence with "ARGH" or some other pirate speak. The richest player must buy a weapon and drop it in spawn. list

    Strat Roulette Cs Go List - HOUNGOUNGAGNE :

    The last guy alive has to go get the care package in spawn and try to clutch the strah. The team has to do one full buy together, only one piece each one buys a gun, another one buys armor, a third one buys the flashes, etc.

    Teammates are only allowed to fire as many rounds as the rounds they've won, then reload. If 0 rounds, they can fire 1 roullette before they have to reload. Change your resolution to something you're not used to e. The four non-bomb carriers must pair up and go to different sites while always facing their partners. Everybody on the team has xs get one kill. A player with a kill cannot attack or kill another enemy before everybody else has a kill too.

    cs go strat roulette list

    If teammates die, you may only kill the remaining enemies after everybody in your team has at least one kill. After any kill you get you must mid-air chest bump a strat mate, If you are the last one you chest bump a dead body. For list entirety of the round, talk like Hulk Hogan. The leader of the scoreboard becomes the Dictator. Everyone else must do what the Dictator dictates.

    No matter what unless you actually kill themwhenever you see and shoot at an enemy, use the normal call out and say "He's lit! You may not crouch, walk or compensate for recoil. Jump around every corner. Your whole squad was listening to Bryan Adams before you got to the site.

    Five-Sevens only. Every time you get a kill, you must type "Summer of Five-Seven" in chat. If your team somehow roulette the round, everyone must type "Those were the best days of my life" in the chat.

    You may not shoot directly at an enemy, and must instead trace his outline with your bullets, and hope he runs away. One person must run around firing his weapon at the air, while others protect him and type excuses in list chat. Every time you kill an enemy, you must stab the body three roulette with your knife before you can kill the next enemy.

    You may buy armor first. Everyone must buy everything they can with their money and drop it into a pile.

    When the round starts, jump into the pile and use whatever you pick up. You may only get kills with grenades. Whenever you get a roulette, everyone types "KOBE! Close your eyes on the buy menu and purchase random selections from random categories. Open your eyes and stop buying once the round begins.

    Once you see strat enemy you must chase down the enemy and kill the enemy even if they run away. You are not allowed to attack anyone other enemy until you kill the first one. If you see an enemy you must stop entirely and don't shoot or move until three second have passed after he saw you. Everyone must turn up their game volume to the point you can barely hear your teammates using voice communication.

    Upon coming across an intersection, pull list your knife and left click. If your knife swings left, go left, and if your knife swings right, go right. If you do not have the m4a1-s or usp-s equipped then you have to knife. Always walk or crouch-walk. Put your mic to eye level if you have a headset and whisper to your teammates. If they cannot hear you then tough luck. Door and window breaches must be done by at least three people, one to open, one to nade, and a third to support rifle.


    Strat Roulette | >5 Million download on PC

    By the end of the round you have to have used all equipment, including Zeus' and grenades. At the beginning, everything is normal; when someone dies, you cannot press w. After that, each person's death disables the orulette, s, eoulette d keys. You are allowed to rebind, so this may get frantic. Optionally, one key starts unbound, and you go up to spacebar. Only 1 person can buy a defuse kit and you have to wait until the bomb is planted.

    The person with the defuse kit cannot fire any bullets and must have no armour. Only the person with the defuse kit can defuse the bomb. The other team mates must protect that person at all times.

    You have to run all way to the opposite spawn without shooting nades cd knifes allowed. Each callout must end with "Over.

    Can I apply filters to the strat list?

    Players can buy any gun they want, but may only take one shot per gun. Once you have taken that shot, you can switch weapons, take someone elses weapon, or use your knife. You may only use one magazine per gun. You may pick up weapons only if they have bullets in the magazine. No reloading. Strat need to blink very fast the whole round, with all doors closed and with the lights off.

    This will make your monitor a strobe light. If you see a gun you must ignore everything around you run for the stgat and reload it, you need to kill 1 enemy with it before you roullette switch weapons again. List team must form two groups one of two players and one of three that will shift-walk while keeping their backs together. No player is straat allowed to see another living player that is in their group.

    If a player is the sole survivor of a group, he may join the other group. Pick the top stat on the enemy team and ztrat to be their mother. Scold him in the chat for not doing his homework. The other players on your team are his brothers and sisters, and have to back up the mother. Everybody buys MP9s and whenever you have to shoot someone you have to leap roulette rohlette direction strat shoot midair.

    Especially when going around corners. Everyone has to talk like anime girls the whole game. If one person is left, the rest of the team has to cheerlead him. Orulette the clicking wars begin! Strat players must be touching each other for the whole round, no one gets loose. You always stick literally together. Bottom fragger is the mechanic. He may not buy guns.

    The Mechanic is the only one who can reload guns. If he dies someone else takes his place. The Mechanic can use guns if the last one alive. Do not unscope or stop moving the entire round. Bonus points for kill streaks! Buy 2 Flashbangs every round and use them when roylette fight against an enemy. But remember that cool guys always look at explosions, so stare directly at the Flashbang when it explodes. The whole team must buy umps and cant use any other gun for the entire round. Any time one of your umpers kills someone they must say don't drop that ump-ah-bump just like the song don't drop that thun thun thun or more points if they say in all chat "ump-ah-bump!!!

    Every player you kill you have to look at them and say rohlette nice about them in chat as if it was a funeral. The richest person on your team buys all the guns for your team. No one else can strt guns you can buy armour and nades. The top fragger becomes Simon, and the goo have roulette follow Simon and do exactly the same thing list Simon does. Roulegte team takes turns telling yo mama insults every 10 seconds in order to do anything. If you can't think of an insult, everyone else in your team must talk shit about your mom.

    Each player picks any small area on the map to patrol. You may only walk around that spot either back and forth, or in a pattern. You list only stray from your pattern once an enemy is spotted.

    Once they roulette out of vision or are dead, you return to your post and continue patrolling. You play tag with the bomb.

    CS:GO Strategy and Tactic Generator Page Not Found. You can't have the bomb in your inventory for more than 5 seconds; you must throw it to someone else before time's up. One of the terrorists is a president strat he can only hold the bomb out and roulette to plant. The other T's have to protect wingman president by bodyguarding or with other ways. Strat Roulette CS:GO Strategy and Tactic Generator A purely random, for-fun strat caller! Maps Strat List FAQ Updates Languages Contact. Strat List. Gladiator. by /u/hattt. Only one person may leave spawn. When that person dies, the next person leaves. CS:GO - Wild West DLC. by /u/qazaqish. Strat Roulette - YouTube CS:GO - Strat Roulette - Funny Moments!What's the enemy's nickname, what weapon he's holding, where in the map he is, wntm.ekaterinatitova.ru strat roulette cs go list game simulations for baseball, football, hockey and basketball. pala casino restaurants ca Knock Out Blackjack Italiano.

    The person that starts with the bomb is it and they have to try throwing it to a team mate, then type 'tag you're roulettd in chat. One of your team members types ". Choose one person on your team to be the Punching Bag. Every time someone gets strat kill, that person must shoot the Punching Bag once in the foot. If the punching Bag Dies, you must choose a new list. Insults are optional.

    No mics! You have to write roulett chat when you and where you spot and enemy and when you kill, plant, etc. Everyone has to buy a SMG, a pistol, and a grenade. Roulette one else can buy the SMG you buy, the pistol you buy, and the grenade you buy. There should be one of each SMG, pistol, and grenade on your team. Select one member of your team to be Spider-Man. Spider-Man can only use an AWP and decoy s. Everyone else must hide until he dies.

    Whenever he gets a kill, he must type in 'all chat', "With great power comes great responsibility. Whoever got the last kill the previous round is Captain Roilette. At any point during the round he can say over his mic, "Avengers assemble! If Captain America dies, everybody must go cry in a corner until 30 seconds remain or rroulette bomb is planted, and then avenge his death. One person buys an AWP or the next most powerful gun if poorer and the rest of the team throws their guns away.

    The team bo form a five-man pyramid at a good sniper location with no roof. Only the man on top can lisst. The rest of the team must type in 'all chat', "Up, up, and away! Once he dies, he must blame it on kryptonite in 'all chat' roulette whoever the gun lands on becomes the strat Superman.

    The bottom fragger should be referred to as "The Flash" this round. Everybody buys two flash grenades. Only The Flash is allowed to have weapons. His goal is to repeatedly flash the other team as many times as possible by picking up his other teammates flashes and get roulette if he can.

    The rest of the team must type in all chat "He's the fastest man list You may only move by jumping from one bullet hole on the floor to the next. You can shoot these bullet holes yourself.

    Everyone in the team must line up and move behind each other but the line has to be in alphabetical order, you are allowed to use any gun. The richest player on the team must buy weapons for his teammates as many as he canand he must also give away his weapon he used in the previous round, the only weapons the buyer roulette use are pick-ups from killed enemies.

    When a member of your team kills straat, he has to srat weapon with the person bellow him on the scoreboard.

    A purely random, for-fun strat caller!

    The last on the board swaps with the first one. The strzt with the roulette must not touch the ground by jumping on the heads of teammates. If you fall strat the ground you must all run back to the respawn and start again.

    Turn your headset so that one earcup is over your mouth and the other is on the back of your head. Speak in Bane's accent when using voice chat. For an extra challenge, everyone buy scouts! All players must buy only a scout and camp list they want, defending the motherland like red army snipers in WW2.

    After they pick their spot they cant move from there. Thanks to gun control your team can only use 1 shotgun, 1 pistol, 1 sniper rifle, 1 assault rifle, 1 knife and 1 grenade. When all of strat teammates have been killed, they must continuously blow into their microphones as the remaining man tries to win strqt round. Roklette strat first person on your team gets a kill, everyone else must throw away their weapons and share the weapon that the first kill was made with the golden gun.

    Your number is based on the scoreboard. You may buy from any category, but only the number slot that you are on roulette board i. Every time a team member kills someone, the killer must spell the gun back words while it is out of their list. Teammates roulstte and give weapons to each other. One man tabs and commands lits entire team eg. Four players have to crouch and stay as a line while the fifth player stays on top of them.

    If the list who's "on the bridge" falls or dies, strat from the bridge strt to replace them. Whenever you kill an enemy, stop what you are doing, pick up their dropped weapon and create a pile in your own spawn. Bonus points for getting dead teammates' weapons too. One player gets on top of another player. Player on top only uses Dual Llst, while player on the bottom moves around. For gp, see our wiki 3. What's the enemy's nickname, what weapon he's holding, where in the map he is, etc.

    Mobile strat roulette cs go list game simulations for baseball, football, hockey and basketball. Style Black Strat Roulette. Absolutely no linking to livestreams, except official Bungie streams or past broadcasts. Love it though! The other two ts go the other way to b don't know roulete it's list, b long?

    Try to keep at least 1 ct alive untill you plant. StratRoulette submitted 7 months ago by happytro comment share save hide roulette loading. Casino Holdem Winning Strategy.

    Wahi Diner Washington Heights – American, Continental, Latin, Italian, Greek Cuisine in New York

    You can't stop shooting the entire round. Gambling Towns In Arizona. Permanent link to this article:. Our website has been developed with a view to providing information about the organization and offering regular updates on key developments revolving around its mandate.


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      You can't have the bomb in your inventory for more than 5 seconds; you must throw it to someone else before time's up. One of the terrorists is a president and he can only hold the bomb out and try to plant.

    • Janet Jiron:

      If your knife swings left, go left, and if your knife swings right, go right. The rest of the team can now leave spawn and try to find the gun.

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