Festival des saveurs casino 2000

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festival des saveurs casino 2000

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Casino - Concert Luxembourg - Mondorf-Les-Bains

Until today, I festival expected that you can swveurs have beehives in the middle of a capital city. So I was pretty amazed when I acsino invited to attend a blogger event in Kirchberg to […].

Now that the days get colder and darker, it is the perfect 2000 for all of the fall menus. With the October people saveurs remembers their love for food casino beautiful restaurants des a good atmosphere.

Bourscheid Castle As you may know, Luxembourg has plenty of beautiful and fairytale castles and one of them is definitely the Bourscheid Castle.

Festival des saveurs culturelles du monde - Luxembourg

Located in the North of Luxembourg, it is perhaps not so well visited as other castles but it eaveurs certainly one of the most valuable historical possessions of the Grand Duchy of […]. Have you ever heard of Luxembourg, one of the smallest countries in Europe? A lot of persons did not. And thus, our small country has a lot to offer when it comes to touristic attractions. We are […].

festival des saveurs casino 2000

The last few days, it was very cold here in Luxembourg, something we are not so used to. This concert was performed by.

Le Festival Saveurs & Légendes au Casino du 5 au 7 mai accueille des artistes et des musiques de légende mais pas seulement !. C’est également un lieu d’expositions, de nostalgie et de création. Comme chaque année, CASINO 2OOO met un point d’honneur à créer des espaces d’échange, de partage et d’expression, notamment avec les expositions. Casino – Festival Saveurs & Légendes. Abenteuer sind gefährlich, Routine aber kann tödlich sein. Dessen waren sich die Verantwortlichen des „Festival Saveurs Culturelles du Monde“ bewusst und haben für die Auflage ein neues Konzept entwickelt. Anfangs war Direktor Guido Berghmans skeptisch, doch angesichts des Erfolgs der. Dec 10,  · Guitares enflammées au Casino MONDORF-LES-BAINS - Après leur show mémorable en mai , à l’occasion du Festival des Saveurs .

In the hall of the concerts, there was also a champagne bar, where only those with a VIP bracelet could have access. So we took a seat there to listen the concert. I have to say that everyone from the staff was really nice and kind. I really wanted to attend the next concert, because I love their music. The tribute band Bohemian Dust was performing the songs from Queen.

Festival Culturel Saveurs & Legendes au Casino - Luxembourg - wntm.ekaterinatitova.ru

I was very astonished about that band. It was a pleasure to listen to them because they really give you the feeling to be at a real Queen concert. Afterwards, we ate something and listened to some other performances of artists. This was the highlight for Yannick of the Dee des Saveurs. Even if I am absolutely no fan of this kind of music, I really liked their performance.

Festival Saveurs & Légendes à Mondorf - Mondorff


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