How to make a poker table padded rail

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how to make a poker table padded rail

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  • Upholstering the Rail on a Raised Railing Poker Table
  • Upholstering the Padded Railing
  • What Tools and Materials Do You Need to Build Your Own Poker Table?
  • Step 1: Prepare; Build a Plan, and Decide on Your Measurements
  • How to Pad a Poker Table Rail
  • How Do You Build Your Own Poker Table? | PokerNews
  • Upholstering the Rail on a Raised Railing Poker Table

    The best practice here is to start in pokeg middle of the arc and pull tight and add a few staples. Then you move to the exact opposite position on the other side of the table and repeat. With the 8 extreme points stapled you can head down the long sides always pulling very tight before you staple. Now all that should be left is the arcs. The easiest way to get a perfect wrinkle free rail is to continually bisect the arc.

    What I mean is to find the center point between two staples in an open area and to pull tight and staple. Repeat this process until there is nowhere left to be stapled. Before you cut anything off, check for wrinkles or looseness of any kind and don't be afraid to add more staples. You will likely end up with your staples end to end all the way around the table when you're finished.

    If you're happy with your padded railing, you can cut off the excess vinyl Figure To upholster the inner edge of the padded rail, you will first cut the vinyl lengthwise down the center of the rail.

    Upholstering the Padded Railing

    Now, lay your rail frame face down onto the fabric. See below for my first pathetic drawing. For easier reading the fabric color is burgundy and the rail frame is grey. Step 2.

    What Tools and Materials Do You Need to Build Your Own Poker Table?

    Now you are ready to staple. Start at the peak of one of your turns.

    Work your way to each side. The key to this part is to bunch excess fabric towards the most recent staple.

    Step 1: Prepare; Build a Plan, and Decide on Your Measurements

    You want to keep the fabric as flat to the edge as you can around the turn. Slight wrinkles around the edge are fine as the top will remain wrinkle free. Repeat the process for the other turn. Now you can staple up the straightaways along the sides.

    How to Pad a Poker Table Rail

    Keep in mind that you need to make the fabric taut. See below for diagram showing what I mean by bunching the excess. How it should look when complete. Step 3. At the same time, tble might think that you could make your own poker tableand perhaps save a considerable amount in the process.

    Combining the Padded Rail and the Playing Surface. If you've been following step by step, by now you should have the two major components of your poker table top complete. These are the playing surface and the padded rail.(Figure ) Now its time to put them together and complete the poker table. When you put the two pieces together they should fit very tightly, but they should in fact fit. Jan 09,  · Last thing, When I build my padded rail, I’m not going to attach it to the table. I saw some at a poker store in the mall and they were not attached either. That should make it easier to clean. Other materials: 2 Sheets Hardwood Plywood (birch 4 foot x 8 foot x 3/4″) 2 at $ each. Upholstering the Raised Rail for a Poker Table. This will allow the sides of your rail to also be well padded for extra comfort. Next, place your vinyl, finish side down, on a clean, flat surface. Now lay your padded rail down on top of your vinyl with the padding facing the vinyl (Figure ).

    Today, we bring you a step-by-step story on how to make your own poker fo by experienced poker player Ken Tilden. To build your own poker table, you need several materials.

    For a DIY poker table, you'll need to be able to read plans, have some basic carpentry pokeer, and also to be able to handle upholstering. Due to the size of my room, I was unable to build a full 8' 2. Hence I cut down the plan and decided to build a 6'10" table 2. The dimensions of the table, then, are 82" cm long by 44" cm wide with a height of 30" 76 cm. Folding legs make for easy storage.

    The end-to-end playing surface is 6'2", plus 8" overhang for the rail at each end 2" on table and 2" off the tableagain adding up to 6'10" cm.

    How Do You Build Your Own Poker Table? | PokerNews

    The table width playing surface is 36" or 3'. Again adding the 8" total overhang, making the total width of the playing surface 3'8" cm.

    how to make a poker table padded rail

    Here are a few diagrams I used to illustrate the dimensions. The first three show my changes to accommodate the shorter table. After cutting the rail sections, center it, and attach the smaller remaining oval piece of plywood to the bottom of the first piece tk plywood the table top using carpenter's glue and one-inch drywall screws.

    how to make a poker table padded rail

    Adding the remaining plywood to the bottom gives the table more stability and strength. Center and attach the folding legs to the bottom of the table.

    After the legs are attached, stand the table upright. Apply carpenter's glue to the top of the table and install the 1" foam. Take a break while ma,e glue sets so the felt won't move. Center and attach the bottom of the rail to the top of the rail as in Rail Diagram A, again using carpenter's glue and one-inch drywall screws. Put to one side for upholstery later. Check and make sure the table top felt is secure and doesn't move.


    • Howard Haines:

      The fist step it to assemble the wood for our rail. For this step we will use piece C and B. Make sure that you have B rather than E as the pieces are very similar.

    • Maryjane Mcguffey:

      You can build your DIY poker table with just some plywood, foam, and felt. But it's not as easy as that; there's more to it. Building your own poker table encompasses a lot, so read this before you get going, as we bring you the do-it-yourself guide to building your own poker table.

    • Stefania Sarver:

      With a little bit of upholstery experience under your belt, now it's time to attack the rail. The first steps are similar to that of the playing surface in that you will first spray a light coat of adhesive on the top the wider side of the rail and attach the 1" foam Figure This is where we deviate from the playing surface a bit.

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