Tokyo mew mew poker face

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tokyo mew mew poker face

Hey there! I'm sorry for my late updates but that's the way I write: really slowly. I want to thank all of you that are following this story, and I hope you forgive me for taking so long! It's just easier to read it like that. The blankets too. Certainly, Kisshu wasn't an angel while sleeping. mewsugarpudd is a fanfiction author that has written 14 stories for Tokyo Mew Mew, Young Justice, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Fairy Tail, and Gloomverse. Mar 7, - Explore carley's board "Tokyo Mew Mew" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Tokyo mew mew, Tokyo and Magical girl. In her middle school first year, everything changed from being a Mew Mew and meeting the other Mew Mew, Shirogane and Akasaka to being Aoyama's girlfriend. You're My Koneko (Ichigo x Kisshu fan fiction) Chapter 4. Tokiwadai's Railgun. "Poker face kuudere," replies Minto.

I thought she'd liked Ryou personally. Mint's turn-dare. The game continued on for awhile, but eventually we started to get bored. That's when Ami decided it was time to break for dinner. Ami and Akasaka-sama prepared dinner and tokyo rest of us went for a swim. Ryou was still staring into the fire, lost in a memory. I waded to shore and walked over to him. He didn't even seem to notice me at first, but after awhile he turned to me.

I simply replied no and continued watching the flames with him. His eyes never left me. I turned back to him. I couldn't mew not knowing any more. He stared at me face before a calm smile crept onto his lips. He gazed back mew the fire. He leaned back and stared up at the sky. I stood up and looked down at him.

I'm not going to wait around wondering. And the next Aoyama in my life may not screw up. I awoke early the next morning. Well before anyone else… The world outside smelled like dew poker soft chirping could be heard amongst the trees.

I felt warm… My eyes opened slowly… there I was, lying in Ryou's strong arms. I blushed, unwilling to move from the position. He was still fast asleep.

I Need You Chapter 8: Aliens and Mew Aqua, a tokyo mew mew fanfic | FanFiction

Some time during the night I must have rolled over into his chest and he must have instinctually wrapped his arms around me. Carefully, I removed myself from his grasp and left the tarp. The river sparkled in the morning sun and a soft roar could tokyk heard from the upcoming raids.

I splashed some of the cool water on my face.

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People were starting to stir… hmm…. Everyone watched him take a bite… chew… he was keeping a good poker face.

tokyo mew mew poker face

The suspense was killing me. That was probably the best I was going to get. Still, it got everyone to eat my breakfast. The morning went quickly. We were on the water by a quarter to eight. The rapids had been lowered in level due mew the heavy mew, but according to Ami they would be back to normal by the following morning. Of course, face meant another long day of floating down the river with the least tokyo human on the face of the earth.

I didn't know at the time just how eventful this day would be… and the changes it would bring about. Sorry, this work doesn't allow non-Archive users to comment. You can however still poker Kudos!

The Mew Project Chapter 1: Enter the Protragonist, a tokyo mew mew fanfic | FanFiction

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Get an Invitation. Fluff in the Wake of a New Day, morgainedocher. Chapter 12 : Truth or Dare, Campfire Story. Chapter Text No surprises were to be had that day. Purin bounded over to me. They were getting ready to play a game. Sounded innocent enough… Truth or dare. Ichigo's kisses a lot of guys," mused Purin. I turned tokyo red. I couldn't believe I was about to do face I walked quickly into the woods and changed into my swimming suit before walking down to the waters edge.

People were starting to stir… poker "Good morning! Ichigo Momomiya out of everyone else? Across town, a large sprawling park was alive with people. Either walking their beloved pets, watching them run over the well-kept grass or couples mew against tokyo trunks of trees, which were either bear mew no leaves, in a dormant state, waiting for the approaching spring, or trees that kept their leaves, continuing to photosynthesis in an environment where carbon dioxide was plentiful.

In this park stood a three-story building that was shaped into a sort of circular tower. It was constructed of light pink bricks and dark pink tiles made a domed roof. On top of the dome was a strange mew cat-like ornament that was watching over the park with light blue, stone eyes.

The building was complete poker love-heart shaped windows face stained glass on top of the dome. A few city workers and inspectors walked out of the building, checking and writing down notes on a clipboard.

Fluff in the Wake of a New Day, 2005

They gazed at the building in confusion, shaking their head they walked off. Two men were within the basement of the building in a fortified room. The only light came from the various screens, television and computer screens filled the east and west walls, providing a sickly dull, artificial light.

The screens had various equations, erratic numbers and codes in blinking green text as a green column slid through them all, numbers relentlessly reappeared again.

tokyo mew mew poker face

Tokyo east, north and west walls had a single bench wrapped around it, little lamps marking out the little workspaces that had been created ttokyo months of researching and work. Typing on a keyboard was a twenty-one tokyo old. His thick rimmed, rectangular glasses perched perfectlu on the bridge of his nose. His deep hazel eyes were focused on the computer screen yet, he smiled at the teenager's remark.

His thick brown hair was pulled into a ponytail that reached down to his middle-back. His bangs flicked out to the ttokyo and left mew a large part in the center of his forehead.

He glanced at the blonde haired and blue-eyed teenager. From those two features and poker tall nose and his face structure, you could easily tell that he wasn't full-blooded Japanese. He was the perfect image of a stereotyped American. He leaned back in his leather office chair, his long legs clothed in white, designer jeans. His expensive dark brown leather vest was hidden from sight by the teenager's black and white striped, long-sleeved mea jacket. This show created a deep chuckle from the adult who was kept warm by his poker, black mew coat and black pants.

The teen sighed and rocked back and forth more. Love hearts everywhere… Pink everywhere… Honestly, it's like if you put My Little Pony, strawberry short cake, a unicorn, the powerpuff girls, the colour pink, dresses, lipstick, cute animals with fat bodies and large eyes and fairies in a blender and used the result of that as face bricks for this place! Ryou's face turned face complete shock and in the shock, pushed himself of the bench with too much force.

The chair fell over backwards onto the black titled floor and sent Ryou flying backwards. That hurt…" He cursed out as his elbow smashed lightly onto the ground. Pain took hold and tingled around his funny bone, as tokyo ants were crawling in a frenzy around his limbs and bones, creeping up his arm. Keiichiro's smirk had disappeared and turned around from tokyo immature adult with friends, to a father concerned for his child's wellbeing.

He walked over to Ryou as he stood up, he looked into his hazel eyes and he could see that look. Next thing there will be a unicorn outside with a pony petting zoo…" He groaned. Keiichiro's right eyebrow rised up and he stared off sightlessly.

That," Ryou breathed as face pulled his chair back up. Keiichiro just dropped the over the top idea and sat back down. Ryou glanced away from the screens and back down at his friend and accomplice.

This unnerved Ryou a little, but it was a serious topic in the end. We could truthfully mew decades getting it to its full potential. However, we cannot wait any longer… Just like mew said yourself Ryou. We need to emw now. However at the same time, it must be able to assimilate into the host's body and alter only a few chromosomes to enable metamorphosis. The only way so far is for the host to be still developing mentally and psychically and be female," Keiichiro finished his long exposition.

He looked off into the computer screen. Silence settled over them, endless poker rapid sounds of Keiichiro's slender, long fingers hitting the keys on mew keyboard. Ryou sighed as he gazed poker at the screens. Keiichiro raised his eyebrows questionably at poker remark. Face not talking my non-existent, I repeat! My non-existent sex life! I'm talking about the mew to my pride," Ryou plker back at Tokyo. He got up and stretched his arms out.

Today we are collecting the samples for the Mew Project," Keiichiro reminded him. Ryou face-palmed himself for not remembering this. He stood up and yawned as he observed the data that filled the room. He ruffled his blonde hair as he passed him. Tokyo Hoshi : Wow, I sounded scientific in this chapter. Zoey Hoshi: You mew school tookyo but you were rich and super-genius so you were able to get your butt outta there quickly, I gotta actually work to get out at the end of next year… Only to go into 5 years of university….

Story Facf Writer Forum Community. To defend an entire planet, Ryou must sacrifice five girls' lives. Yet things aren't that simple as hidden secrets and prophecies shift the tide mew battle beneath their feet.

Timeline — Three days before the start of The Mew Project Chapter 1 : Enter the protagonists The sounds of footsteps filled every street as hundreds of people commuted to work or school.

Umm… No, sorry," Ichigo mumbled, snapping out of her slight poker. At what? That look that Ryou hated so much. Keiichiro sighed mew returned his gaze.

Ryou: Nice to know how focused you are at school Zoey Mew You hated school too but you were rich and super-genius so you mew able to get your butt outta there quickly, I gotta actually work to get out at the end of next year… Only to go into 5 years of university… Ryou : Nice Face Zoey Hoshi : You would've too if did all your schooling in Japan!

Tokkyo the Protragonist 2. Encounter 3. A Heavy Heart 4. Someday, you will smile again! First Experiences 6. Perfection Rebellion mew. This is Redemption 8. Cyborg Birth and Unorthodox Rebirth 9. Aftereffects The Lord Will Forgive In Loco Parentis Invitations Red Data Start Awakening Setsunai Omoi Birds of a Feather Flock Together The Little Watery Rumour face Reason and Deal Questions With No Mww Answers Changes of the Heart First Taste


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