Texas holdem starting hand ranges

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texas holdem starting hand ranges

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The hand betting round starts with UTG and ends with the starting blind closing the action. In all subsequent betting rounds, the small blind or the next player remaining clockwise of the small texas, if the player in the small blind has foldedstarts the betting round, and the button closes the action. These charts place all rantes staring hands in a color-coded matrix that make it easy holdem visualize these concepts. The red squares represent the hands you should play from UTG.


Free Online Poker Hand Range Calculator

The pocket pairs 22 through AA bisect the matrix holdem, and all suited hands are to the right of this line, while their offsuit counterparts starting to the left. The hands in red represent the starting hand range you should play from UTG. With fewer players left to act after us, we can start to include more hands to our starting range.

These are hands that are profitable over the long run, ranges can withstand aggression from 3-bets, as well as callers. The weakest hands in this range 55 and 66 should be folded from early position in a full ring game. Low Pocket Pairs — 22 through 44 are hands that should not be played as a raise first in from the early positions, but become profitable when played from the later positions.

Premium — Hands like AKo and AQo are premium offsuit hands and should be played as a raise first in from all positions, even in a full ring game. In a 6-max or shorthanded game, you can add hands like KQs and maybe AJs to the premium list and open with such hands in any position. Hands like A2o and A3o are at the very bottom of this range and should only sometimes be played from late position. Connectors — These texas include any two cards that are connected and of hand same suit.

Poker Range | Poker Hand Range Calculator

AKs is a premium hand and should always be played from any position. KQs is also a very good hand, while QJs, JTs and T9s are hands that play very ranges from most positions and have the potential to draw to flushes and straights and win big pots.

How to generate and represent your own range. How to include the way your opponent perceives your range into your decision-making. When the hand starts our texas can obviously have anything so his range is all possible hands. If there is a raise from first position, that already gives us some hints. The more we know about our opponent, the more exact we can determine their range.

If the raise is lower than 3bb, our pot odds are even better. This gives us pot odds of 1. We have called starting pre-flop raise on the button. But if we hand against someone who plays tighter on the flop and bets only part of his range, we have to holdem.

Texas Hold’em Starting Hands Guide - Upswing Poker

We assume that they would play their pairs, top pairs and draws. If we think they bet the same range as on the flop, we can call again. We raise with A-5s from middle position, and a tight player on the rangea calls. We estimate that a player like him would call a raise with roughly these hands:Best Mobile Poker App.

texas holdem starting hand ranges

If we get a call, that range changes dramatically. That call has an effect on how we proceed, of course. This is how professional players think about their poker hands based on training, practice, and experience. If you play recreationally, try to stop putting your opponents on one hand and try to start thinking like a professional. You also have to build up hanf ranges for your own hand in different situations.

This presents quite a daring challenge because not only are there nine or texxas least six different positions that come holddm play, there are even more factors to consider. Before we talk about what a range can possibly look like we have to get the basics straight. We can put them broadly in three categories.

What is a balanced range? Once a week we play in an aggressive home game where players often raise and re-raise. There are several raises behind us and we end up all-in with a player holding A-K. We win the pot. Not really.

Starting Hand Selection

Our little trick has worked, but the next time we limp in our opponents will be well aware and proceed carefully. Our problem is now that our range is very unbalanced. From the viewpoint of our opponents it consists or pretty much one hand: AA. This was an extreme example but it makes a point for how important it is for us to properly build a range. Our range should always have different types of hands in it, of which at least one might have hit the flop.

Preflop Hand Ranges in NL Hold'em Pre flop hand ranges in Texas Hold’em are the framework for any hand that is played. Without a proper understanding of which hands should be played pre flop, no player will be able to effectively play post flop. Nov 08,  · Analyzing Your Opponents’ Hand Range 1. Pre-Flop Hand Ranges. When the hand starts our opponent can obviously have anything so his range is all possible hands. If there is a raise from first position, that already gives us some hints. It’s a lot more unlikely that they have o or J-2o in their range than it is likely they have aces or ace-king. Texas Holdem – Top 10% Starting Hands. This range would include the top 10 starting hands, plus around a dozen more combinations. Equity calculation tools like PokerStove and Equilab define the top 10% as 77+, QTs+, and KQo+. Meaning pairs Sevens and higher, suited connectors Queen Ten and higher, and unsuited connectors KQ and higher.

We need to consider the following. Our hands have hokdem be rather strong as there are a number of opponents still to act and they might enter the pot with good hands. We have to balance our range to make it more difficult for our opponents to play perfectly against it.


  • Ken Knopf:

    Factors like position, number of players in the hand, and playing style of your opponents should all be considered when deciding to put money in the pot preflop. Many of the recommended staring hands from the Upswing Preflop charts include suited combinations of hands, but not their offsuit counterparts. Want to upgrade your poker skills?

  • Tamie Torpey:

    In Texas Holdem, it is important to have good starting hand selection. This is important as it prevents you from entering pots with sub-standard hands, which could eventually lead to you losing a lot of money in the process.

  • Scot Crawley:

    To master hand analysis you have to start thinking about ranges. What this basically means is that the player who wins the most is best at narrowing down the ranges of the other players and thus makes the best decisions.

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