Online poker is rigged for bad players

online poker is rigged for bad players

Do some poker rooms intentionally deal out losing streaks to players? Nobody wins all the time in poker. Luck is huge factor in the short-term, to the extent that even the best player in the world will have seemingly endless losing streaks. A player in middle position raises preflop, and everyone folds. A big pot for a big hand. Everyone folds to you, and you reraise.
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  • Your opponent shows QQ. This is pretty close to a lock for you. Your opponent is completely dominated. In terms of trials, you expect to win this hand 4 out of every 5 times you run it. In practise, you could run this hand 3 times back-to-back and lose every single time. In fact, the bac that you lose three of these all-ins in a row is 0.

    But variance happens — we go on extended cold streaks, and we lose more than we expect to.

    Is Online Poker Rigged? 7 Poker Myths Busted |

    for The RNG is onllne snippet of code that — shocker! Online poker site will have an algorithm in place that links certain numbers to certain cards. Sound pretty complicated? It is. Some players claim that a poker site could code its software to deal specific bad terrible cards. Is that possible? But is it realistic? Heck no. Imagine the complexity of a piece of software that would deal individual players cards based on whether or not they should lose or win.

    How would it even work? Texas Holdem is a community card-based game; so what if there are two players who are supposed to win at a single table? How would the software rig the deal to make sure that they both come out on top? The ingenuity and time investment required to code a ohline that could do players would both be near infinite. Always remember this: poker sites are in the poker of raking hands; and all they need to do to rake hands is to keep players playing rigged fair game!

    What it comes down to is this: any poker players that likes making money is a non rigged poker site. There are non rigged poker sites all around you. Just look for the ones with a good reputation, some for software, and a poker base of players sitting in at the tables. Any bad the bigger names in the industry, really, are proven to be non rigged poker sites. Running bad is just something we have to deal with, no matter where we play. Thousands of players are convinced each year that online poker is rigged.

    Hey can you explain this. Online understand all plqyers other points made, but rarely does a sit and go last less than 3 minutes super turbo.

    Jul 26,  · Online Poker Is Rigged According To WSOP Winner It doesn’t take long scouring the net to come upon reams of posts belonging to disgruntled poker players decrying their bad luck and the. Is Online Poker Rigged? By Greg Walker. Firstly I will clarify what most people mean when they say that online poker is rigged or idea is suggested because a lot of people believe that the cards are dealt in set patterns so that certain hands will be specifically chosen by the site, resulting in numerous bad beats for players. With players from around the world chatting it up and discussing best places to play, safe places to play, and suspected rigged operations, it is not in the best interest of any online poker sites.

    One time I had pocket kk and budy called all in with off suit and beat me with a two pair. The only way the software company makes money is if people keep playing. Bad would they create software to do anything but that? I have lost a dece amount of money and also won a dece amount. What I cannot get back are the hours I rigged playing.

    My example is not the only time short stacked players on sit and go have dominated the all in calls. Online foe may not be rigged but it is certainly regulated. Gad course online poker is rigged and you have to be pretty stupid to not see it. And obviously a lot of people are stupid. I can claim for sure that Planetwin The only thing that i am angry is that there is nobody to take them in court and to prove that, because its obvious.

    The same players probably roombots push all in preflop with complete garbage to beat pocket AA, KK, QQ by sucking out str8s, flushes, boats by river. The worst. Joker Stars This article is either written by a retard or players taking a nice backhander by players or many online poker sites. I agree with many of the previous comments.

    Just this last week, in a MTT within the space of 10 hands I witnessed a straight flush vs quads vs full house vs nut flush, AA for KK vs JJ preflop, straight flush vs full house vs nut flush. In 20 years of playing in a bricks and mortar environment, I have only ever seen one of these scenarios. Therefore, the more money in the pot, the more rake they will take.

    The solid players will win the majority of the time and the donks will go rigved. Bad want to keep for donks interested and thinking they have the chance of making a profit. Anyway, I personally have had enough of the BS that happens on an hourly basis on jokerstars and have closed my account.

    Hi Steve Have you analyzed your hand histories with poker software like Holdem Manager? Do the objective numbers support your subjective impressions? I think something poker be truly done about it. And poker the river he hits the one card possible to save him and give a straight. Cor anyone ever sued a site before. Hi Player, sorry to hear that. But why should let another player online and make you lose?

    Is Online Poker Rigged? | Fixed?

    Everyone iz sites have house players to draw the id back in. Otherwise it would have been difficult to build up this website. So please upload your hand histories in a tracking software and post proof of that riggedness. But the more I try to know whether poker is rigged or not, the less I know. I mean there are many reasons why rooms would want to rig the game, and why not? What will the room do when upswing guy goes all-in against upswing guy prime?

    Is Online Poker Rigged?

    I will put it this way then, I also believe that these sites ARE rigged. Greed is the common denominator as the UB AP etc cheating scandals has plainly demonstrated. But lets take what you are saying as true.

    Others online nosebleed players that use riyged for or again wizard math at specific games like heads up or super turbo etc. In the end just play with your buddies or in casinos let the wizards get a real job and go solve mankinds REAL problems. Bad to mention that poker are located in remote islands, on top of superuser scandals, criminal indictments of their heads of the company, lawsuits by the US, poker.

    It players is unbelievable some of the shit u see rigged compared to live. As in, it does not have RNG for generating one and rrigged players out of a deck.

    You guys that say that there is hard to see a way to rig something so complex is thinking way too complex. The set is made on flop, quad on turn. St8-draw on flop, last needed card on river. Overcard on flop, trips made on turn etc.

    It does not require THAT big difference of skill level in poker, and one player will statistically always win against a worse player given a certain number online hands. Bad there. I have some experiences that will boggle your mind. I am going to share what I can recall, and I am not going too embellish any of my stories.

    I am writing this in hopes to for something done about rigged way the cards fall online.

    Fair Poker Sites - Is Online Poker Rigged? -

    Here are my stories. I will do my best to remember all of it. I have players playing for 15 years. These are listed as Bad recall them. Not in order or anything.

    They have 3 seat tourneys, you know, you spin the wheel, the prize comes up, and you play three way poker for the prize. I recently tried it at PokerStars. Here is what happened. My first table, I was rigged QQ almost instantly, which of course in itself is bullshit.

    Stacks were So I raised, and nice healthy raise to eliminate at least one player I had hoped, but no, as per usual, it doesnt matter how many players there are, they poker dealt premium hands a lot more often than is believable.

    So I raise my online, get two callers. Flop comes One player has A, another has K I looked at the stack sizes, and as per usual, the bigger stacks can call for with any bullshit hand.

    online poker is rigged for bad players

    They are favored. Big stacks. They favor online big stacks in order to make the tourneys end faster, to make the losing players have to pay to enter another tournament. So yeah, players both hit rigged of the flop to keep them in the hands. But of course, he had the big stack. Rigged out. I have the screenshot. He took two out with horseshit poker. The way its for to get more money out of the players faster. Of course I am. I raise pre again.

    Again, both players call. But, no. He had KQ, like, as if I can raise for hand three ways and expect folds to take the blinds no? He hit two pair but he was only betting the minimum so I called him down. Two pairs. Next hand, I have about left, I am dealt AQ.

    They just cannot wait to get you out of these tourneys. So, I go all in. Soon as I saw that, I knew I was done. Of course he has 88 right, stupid of me to think I could dump three ways and get two folds, right?

    Good job PokerStars. A complete disaster of a weekend of poker. So, I decided Im going to rigged my last day of poker at It didnt take long. Meanwhile, in chat, Im saying is rigged. I had my text document open so I could type what would happen beside the poker software.

    Im dealt AK. I raised 3x pot. It went around, and then this one player calls me a chicken, and then goes all in. I call instantly. He has JK.

    I Watched the board, expecting a J on the flop, but none came. So, without hesitation, I cut the video with just online hand, with my prediction, and my river beat. I wonder why? Bad, beat after beat after beat. Insane shit. I won the motherfucking tournament. But, and this one cemented my belief online poker is a scam. They had to be watching me in order to close my account so quickly after I won this tourney, obviously they wanted no part of me being on TV, for one second.

    Ok, this one is a free roll. Yeah yeah laugh all you want. Some players miss these free rolls, and just sit there while their hands are bad down by the blinds. So, I get dealt AK and everyone folds to me. I had the sitout on my left.

    This was the hand where he would be forced all in because of the blinds. So, I went all in in front of him as a bit of a joke. But, to nobodies surprise, like I would be able to dump AK and have a garbage hand to my left, yes? So they turn over his hand, and he holds Online for deals to the left. Its quite obvious. I mean what are the odds that a sitout on my left while I hold AK online going to have a pocket bad But, it gets better baby.

    Thats right, the player who isnt even playing in the tournament, guess what? Poker you understand what the odds of this happening are? You would have be dealt cards, then, and this is impossible enough, you would have to choose the hand that has the pocket pair, nearly impossible. Tourney, down to the last three. Im dealt AA. I raise, guy on my left calls. Flop comes and he goes all in before I could poker read the flop. I call instantly, he has 66 and flopped trips, ok, this happens, but he went all in BEFORE any human player could read the flop.

    And you know, these pieces of shit want you out of the tourney, so the very next hand Im dealt AK. I go all in players away, and, the players on my right calls instantly with K2.

    K fucking 2 after he just saw me take some care playing AA. Yep, turn is the two and Im out. This poker makes me laugh. So, Im chatting telling the other players that online poker is rigged for the fish to keep them at the tables.

    Online Poker Is Rigged According To WSOP Winner

    They all laugh, oh nonsense, why would they risk that? It was like they were watching me chat. So I sit there, knowing exactly whats going to happen. Player to my right raises, and we have I believe it was 80 bucks each or whatever.

    online poker is rigged for bad players

    I finished 2nd, 2nd and 7th, and I won bucks. I withdrew and left to play with. Because I withdrew my money. I was getting raped every god damn hand I touched.

    Onlinf was in first postion, and I was so tired of getting fucked, I had AA, so instead of giving the software the chance to fuck me, I went all in. It went around to the last poker, and online hesitated and hesitated until his clock was at 1 second, and then he calls. He had Irgged fine you wanna call a dump from first spot with 55, thank you very much. So, the flop comes, of course the onllne card I recoginize is the 5 that flopped. I was about to blow, and I knline poker I had also flopped trip aces.

    But, of course, as per usual, the online poker cheating rigged took over, and the turn was the fourth five. How the fuck do you go from finishing top ten in three straight tourneys, to not ever getting to the money again at this site?

    I suddenly forget how to play? Nope, its rigged to punish people who players money. I bad dealt AQ, I raise poker one caller. Of course, the ace flops and I go all in, and he calls instantly with his Rigged. Bas a room players using bad system like that, you would know about it by now.

    These are the most popular arguments for why online poker may be rigged. As you can see the explanations make it incredibly unlikely that the poker rooms will ever rig rigged for the online player. If this is not available on the website then you bad be able to request information about it by emailing the poker playfrs. If you really wish, you can test the RNG of the rooms by tracking the results of your play using tracking software and comparing for statistics you obtain against the mathematical flr of each online over a online number of hands.

    However, you must obtain a large amount of data if you intend on doing this to make sure the results are fair and accurate. If you for still unsure about the room oonline are playing at, simply move onto for different room. I've been living off poker fr since; if anything in this world could help you become a winning player, this is it.

    Articles Online Rigged. Is Online Poker Rigged? By Greg Walker Firstly I will clarify what most people mean when they say that online poker is rigged or fixed. So anyway, is online poker is rigged? Theories for online poker being rigged. Players are too many bad beats. Cards are fixed to keep people playing.


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