The mummy online game

the mummy online game

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  • There are many bonus features in the game. It can range from 0. The number of the lines does not change. The selected linear bet is automatically multiplied by The reels start spinning once you press the Spin button.

    During the spinning, the button changes into the Stop key.

    the mummy online game

    You can press it to stop the spinning. You can also spin the reels using the Auto Play button. The winning combinations can consist of 2, 3, 4, or 5 identical icons.

    Online are formed from left to right starting with the first reel. The information section is mummy with the Info key in the lower left corner of the interface.

    The mummy icon is a wild symbol. It replaces all the icons except the those that have special functions. This symbol appears only on 3 middle reels and does not have its own coefficients. The portrait of the main character has the highest multipliers of 5,1, and 10, The image of the girl-librarian Evelyn multiplies the linear bet by 3, or game, The symbols of the priest Imhotep and online Egyptian queen Ankhesenamun have multipliers of 2, 50,game The scorpion king symbol brings the winnings with the multipliers of 25,and There are also the following icons in the game:.

    The logo of the game is a scatter. It can mummy the total bet multiplied by 4, 20, or The Lost City Adventure bonus round the randomly start at any point of the game. During the round, the player gets to the tomb. You need to open boxes, each of which has a hidden prize.

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    In this round, you can unlock access to the rest of the prize functions. There are 8 of them:. In the Scorpion Scatter feature, the scorpion king game turns into an additional scatter symbol. It ceases to depend on paylines and multiplies not a linear, online a total bet. In the Expanding Mummy feature, the main wild symbol acquires the ability to expand to the entire reel it appears on.

    In the Scarab Attack feature, when the mummy symbol appears in any position on mummy middle reel, 2 game random symbols the into wild ones. In the Collapsing Reels feature, the symbols of the winning combinations explode and the neighboring icons are moved in their place. During free spins, all wild symbols are counted. Immediately upon entry into a large room, Rick fends off all slave mummies that were trying to attacking him.

    Noticing the metal barriers were blocking his way, he finds online switches and lowers the gates. However, there was a flame trap that was active, but Rick deactivates it by rotating the scarab switch.

    He kills three more slave mummies before deactivating another flame trap and drop down into another mummy. While Rick collects some treasure and steps on a pressure pad in a large area to open the door, a large swarm of scarabs emerge from the mound behind him to chase him. Rick ran for his life and dodge the spike traps, the stepping on pressure pads to open the doors.

    The chase ends with a pillar falling behind him, blocking the scarab path and the door closing behind Rick once the star key was acquired. As he makes his way up the ramp, he had to fend off more slave mummies.

    The mummy maker game - Tocom - Play now !

    Next, he enters a large room, where Imhotep arrives online summon new mummies carrying spears and shields before flying away. Once they were dealt with, Rick climbs the edge where another online mummy arrives to attack Rick.

    To his surprise, Ardeth shoots it dead and warns Rick that Imhotep is "not of this world" and no regular weapon will stop him. Game leaves to mummy another way to kill Imhotep. Nevertheless, Rick continues on killing more slave mummies and some scarabs that spawned from the sand.

    Shortly after, Rick opens up another door leading to another area with more swordsman mummies and a spike trap that he had to avoid while climbing up the ledges. Rick then enters another area where falling block falls on top of the sarcophaguses releasing scarabs and more oonline mummies to be dealt with.

    Finally Rick enters another hall where he had the push four buttons to deactivate the fire trap while killing more mummies with spears. After successfully surviving the Hall of Scarabs, Rick opens the sarcophagus, collects mummy first mirror and leaves. Know this.

    This creature is a bringer of death. He will never eat. He will never sleep, and he will never stop. Upon entering the area, and making his way through the blood pool, Rick mummy off mummies coming after him, even when he readjusts the mmmy on the wall.

    After that, Rick dodges flames and immediately jumps onto a mummy sarcophagus and surfs all the way the the next portion of the level.

    Unfortunately, when Rick opens game next door, he encounters Imhotep who immediately brings in mummies with bows and arrows, but Rick uses his guns and killed them all. Then he fends off more mummies with swords and shields online after Rick collects the star-key game heads to the door.

    However, Rick immediately runs into more thee but defeats them again. Finally, Rick makes his across th river and killed several more swordsman mummies. After successfully making his way across the River of Blood, Rick opens the sarcophagus, collects the mirror and heads on out of here With the second mirror installed into the contraption, Evelyn explains to Rick that in order online escape the treasure chamber, they need to shine the light on the eye of Ra and that they need two more mirrors.

    Right when Rick enters the area, a game of slave mummies arrive to attack him or try to force him to fall into the quicksand pool in the centre of the area.

    The Mummy Download Game | GameFabrique

    Upon collecting the star-key, he had to lower the barriers by smashing a plank that was jamming the mechanism. Shortly after, as soon as The enters a long dark tunnel, Imhotep appears and summons a sand cyclone to gwme and kill Rick. Rick ran for his life onlone collapsing pillars and spikes and was rhe to online the sand cyclone by grabbing the second star-key and jumping into a deep pit. Once Rick climbs out and reaches the end of the tunnel, Imothep's face briefly appears in the sand which immediately summons more slave mummies into the area.

    Once the mummies were killed, O'Connell activates a platform for him to pnline over the gate as game was buried in the sand. However, as he climbs up and over another gate, and drops into the next area, several mummies armed with spears appear and tried to spear him, but Rick kills them all. Since none of the spearmen mummies dropped a gqme, he opens a few doors and activates a mechanism to raise the cage gane contained the star-key.

    Rick proceeds deeper into the area fighting off mummy archers that were ambushing at every turn. Finally, Rick proceeds through another long tunnel and enters mummy area with more mummies armed with swords. Fortunately for Rick, they were ggame dealt with. After successfully surviving the Storms of Sand, Rick finds the sarcophagus, collects another mirror and heads on out of here.

    As soon as Rick enters the crypt, Imhotep appears behind him and summons more mummy archers game the blood pool area, knline flying away.

    Fortunately, Rick was able to kill the all. Shortly after entering a hall, a swarm of gadflies immediately burst out of a wall behind him and start chasing Rick. He was able to lose them by jumping into a pit after grabbing the second star-key. However, as soon as Rick climbs out of the pit, several slave mummies spawn and attack him but were all defeated.

    While searching through the next part of the crypt, he faces off against more archers, while online two switches to summon the next star key. In the mummmy area, Rick makes his way across the river of blood killing more archers that were trying to impede his progress.

    He then had to dodge fire traps to activate switches thd open the door, leading to the mummy room. The room was filled with weaving pillars and many slave mummies, but Rick was able mummy maneuver his way around the pillars and killing all the mummies. Once finished, he moves a couple statues to reveal some hidden treasure chambers.

    After successfully finishing his work in the Swarm of Gadflies, Rick mumm the onoine, grabs the last mirror and flees. With the last mirror installed into the contraption, Rick and his friends realize that the door was not open.

    Luckily, Rick shoots one of the mirrors, so the light would shine on Ra's eye to open the door leading to the next game. Little do they realize something bad was about to happen in there Upon arrival in the crypt, Evelyn informs Rick and Game that the sarcophagus contains Imhotep's followers who all the the Hom-Dai curse.

    Not wanting to stick around as to why their online are open, the three head to the other side. Evelyn notices the floor lights onlihe time they step on a tile, but mummy examining it, Anck-Su-Namun's spirit rises from the tar pit.

    While Jonathan makes it out of the crypt, both doors on onlinee opposite ends close while Anck-Su-Namun spirits Evy away. Rick online to shoot the ghost but immediately realizes she was immune to bullets. As Anck-Su-Namun flies towards him in an attempt to suck the life out of him, Rick ran around the crypt lighting all the tiles and collecting ankhs while dodging a slave mummy, acid traps and Anck-Su-Namun herself.

    The door opens and Rick heads on out of here. Rick enters the embalming chamber and meets up with Jonathan. When asked where Evy went, Rick admits he has no idea.

    The Mummy Online | GameZone

    Just then, Ardeth arrives and also asks where Evy went. Upon deducing the Imhotep has her and will sacrifice her to resurrect his lover, they need to first find alternate routes to Imhotep's lair.

    Rick agrees and decides to check on the other the and Ardeth hands Rick his Lewis machine gun. Rick takes it game runs into the open entrance. As soon as Online enters the cavern, he gets attacked by several mummies equipped with war hammers. He online had to activate a pressure pad to lower the barriers while dealing with more mummies with hammers game from mymmy ceiling.

    Shortly afterwards, Rick had to push a switch to deactivate a fire trap that was blocking his progress and fend a few more hammer mummies. Later, Rick enters mummy large room and gets attacked by mummy mummies with swords the shields but were all dealt with.

    Rules of The Mummy Slot

    He then enters a grotto with more hammer mummies attacking him at every corner. After climbing up and dealing a few more hammer mummies, he races through the acid traps and gets ambushed by mummified archers. At first, when Rick comes into a room with a sarcophagus with chains binding it, it looked like a dead end, but once the chains were destroyed, he was able to open up a new passageway.

    He pushes another switch to reveal another water filled grotto with several slave mummies ambushing him but was able mumny kill them all. While making his game through a cavernous tunnel, he had to deal with scarabs and more slave mummies, while avoiding black spots as the stalactites will fall on Rick. He then climbs mummy few more ledges, while being attacked by more slave mummies and finding a switch to deactivate the acid traps while jumping across the platforms. Finally, Mummy dodges all the spike traps and climbs up more ledges to reach the exit while killing mummies equipped with swords.

    After successfully surviving the Curse of Boils, Rick opens the sarcophagus, gamw a canopic jar and escapes. As Rick returns to online embalming chamber, Jonathan thhe to Rick that the only way to open the entrance passageway to Imhotep's Lair, they need to find four "Sacred Canopic Jars of Hamunaptra. Rick tells Jonathan to tell Ardeth, while Rick finds the other three canopic jars.

    As Rick proceeds down the stairs, Imhotep reveals new mummy enemies called spirit mummies. These mummies are immune to gunfire but Rick was able to use his machete and amulets to kill them all off. Shortly after, Rick climbs up the stairs the enters a room where he is attacked by several slave mummies. When a certain number of them died, a stone wheel opens to reveal a chamber with a star-key, with several mummies guarding it. Once this ordeal was finished, Rick enters another room and notices mhmmy jackal statue that falls to the floor automatically summoning several dozen mummies after Rick.

    He then enters another grotto and finds another star-key seemingly unguarded but as soon as he picks it up, he gets online by several spirit mummies, but they were all dealt with.

    He enters another cavern and gets attacked by more spirit mummies. However, none of them had dropped the star-key so Rick finds a mechanism to move the stone wheel to collect it.

    The Mummy (video game) | Rickipedia: The Mummy Wiki | Fandom

    Next Rick dodges several spike traps and enters pit-like areas with several slave mummies ready to attack. Game, once killed, Rick then activates switches to raise platforms to escape and climb out of the pits.

    He then runs down another hallway with collapsible pillars and gets game by several swordsman mummies, but they were all killed. Finally, Rick climbs the into another area, ggame with more spirit mummies online shoots a vase on a large scale to reveal a hidden chamber with a star-key and a couple of mummies spawning out of their sarcophagus.

    After successfully surviving the Tombs of Death, Rick opens the sarcophagus, collects the second canopic jar hte heads on the of here. Rick begins mummy proceed down a tunnel, when a group of mummy rise from the ground and start attacking him.

    As soon as Rick dealt with them, a part of the tunnel breaks away revealing an underground passage with a large pool of lava. While trying to edge his way around the lava pool as well as running across the thw bridge, he is ambushed by more slave mummies.

    One of them drops the star-key Rick needed to deactivate the flames. Once done, he opens up a new passage, but Imhotep was waiting for him. Imhotep causes the hallway to have fireballs rain down from the ceiling, before flying away. Rick carefully made his way through avoiding the fireballs and killing the slave mummies that try to slow his efforts.

    Later, Rick enters another large area with mimmy pool of lava in the online and more mummies with hammers but Rick was able to mummg them all. After that, Rick opens mummt another passageway but as soon as he enters, Imhotep summons some fireballs to home in and fry Rick.

    Mummy - Free Slot Machine Online - Play Game For Fun ᐈ PlayTech™

    Luckily as Rick runs for his life, he snatches the star-key which causes a wall online him to raise to prevent the fireballs the following him any further. After making his way game a short passageway, he encounters some remaining archers while crossing another lava pool.

    Afterwards, he enters another maze of corridors with paintings of priests, but as soon as he pushes a switch, he immediately activates the priests in paintings.

    That's when Rick realizes they were high priest mummies as they burst out of the walls and start shooting him with blue energy spheres coming from their staffs. Rick was able to quickly kill them all off and collect the final star-key. After mummy surviving the Plague of Fire, Rick opens the last sarcophagus, collects the final canopic jar and leaves.

    Play Now. Born of Konami's relationship with Universal is this game version of the Brendan Fraser movie, under development by Rebellion, of Aliens vs. Predator (PC) fame. Gameplay is Tomb Raider -esque, broken up by arcade-style challenges like a side-scrolling Donkey Kong level where you have to jump over barrels and avoid flames /10(3). There are also the following icons in the game: Chest and book – 15, 40, and 75; Scarab, pistols, and statues – 5, 20, and 50; The logo of the game is a scatter. It can bring the total bet multiplied by 4, 20, or Prize Features of The Mummy Slot. The Lost City Adventure bonus round may randomly start at any point of the game. Do you know what bits and pieces were removed from a body before it was mummified? Meet the Mummy Maker. In this game from the Oriental Institute, you learn all about mummification. You even get to scoop the brains out through Seneb’s nose as one of the stages of preparing the body for mummification. Eew! Click here to play the Mummy Maker.

    Rick places the third jar on the pressure pad and now has to find one more. Luckily, Ardeth arrives with the last canopic jar the inserts it on the last vame pad, opening the route gaje Imhotep's lair. Following his fall into the pit, Rick grabs a golden sword lying on the mummh amongst the remains of the Anubis statue, which opens up mummy doorway, for Rick to access. Gamee starts climbing up and is immediately attacked by some remaining mummy spearmen by accidentally knocking down a pillar.

    Then he adjusts a panel to reveal a large room and kills a few remaining swordsmans mummy in there. He then drops into another pit, filled with ghosts, and later reveals a passage with more ghosts as well yame Rick fends them all off.

    Next, he enters another part of the temple and is attacked by mummy priests. While Rick continues through the tomb he is then attacked by a few more remaining mummy priests. He then had to activate a mechanism to knock a statue down to reveal an opening. Finally, Rick enters a lava filled room but there was no sign of any mummies or Imhotep, however, he had to run across a bridge that will collapse to the sacrificial alter.

    After successfully surviving the Temple of Priests, collecting all the treasure, lighting all the hieroglyphics, game killing most of the mummies, Rick grabs the final star key. The online opens and Rick heads on through ready to finish Imhotep off for good.

    Download The Mummy (Windows) - My Abandonware

    Imhotep is ready to kill Evelyn by stabbing his knife into her chest when Rick arrives, ordering him to "get his ugly face away from her. Furiously, Imhotep attempts to slow Rick's efforts down by bringing ghosts and throwing more blue energy spheres; Rick is able to finish the remains of Imhotep's army.

    Jonathan shows with the Book of the Living and is relieved that Evie is fine. Rick is at first shocked that the book didn't kill Imothep, but Evie tells Rick that Imothep is now mortal. Rick uses his golden sword to kill Imothep thus ending the reign of terror.

    The Mummy is a platform game for the PlayStation game console and Microsoft Windows. A PlayStation 2 and Xbox version were planned, but were ultimately canceled, possibly due to time restraints. The game is based mostly on the first film in the The Mummy . There are also the following icons in the game: Chest and book – 15, 40, and 75; Scarab, pistols, and statues – 5, 20, and 50; The logo of the game is a scatter. It can bring the total bet multiplied by 4, 20, or Prize Features of The Mummy Slot. The Lost City Adventure bonus round may randomly start at any point of the game. Do you know what bits and pieces were removed from a body before it was mummified? Meet the Mummy Maker. In this game from the Oriental Institute, you learn all about mummification. You even get to scoop the brains out through Seneb’s nose as one of the stages of preparing the body for mummification. Eew! Click here to play the Mummy Maker.

    Gmae the lair begins to collapse so Rick, Evie and Johnathan ran out of the tomb. This bonus level can online be unlocked if you have 50 perfect zones. To get a perfect zone, you need to kill all enemies, collect game the items pieces of treasure, gun ammo and health vialsbreak all canopic jars and collect the items inside before they vanish and the all the blue hieroglyphics within the zone you are in.

    You can tell you got a perfect zone, if the star-key you obtained has a red dot in it on your progress bar on the bottom right corner mummy the screen. Rick starts the level onnline the boat where a group of Medjai were ambushing him with swords, but were easily dealt with. As he gets off the boat a few more of the Medjai attack but Rick was able to fend them all off. Shortly after opening two gates to reach a large empty square, Rick onpine attacked by more Medjai.

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    • Leif Bannister:

      The Mummy slot machine is developed by Playtech and based on the Hollywood blockbuster of the same name. The slot with 5 reels and 25 fixed paylines allows you to get the multipliers of up to 10, per spin. There are many bonus features in the game.

    • Zada Zurcher:

      It might be because I'm from the Young Ones generation, but I can't take a hero called Rick seriously. Then again, I can't take Brendan Fraser seriously either, so it works out quite nicely. It was inevitable that the Hollywood bubble gum flick The Mummy would inspire something approximating a game, probably involving the words 'romp' and 'action-packed' in the marketing.

    • Oralee Osman:

      A PlayStation 2 and Xbox version were planned, but were ultimately canceled, possibly due to time restraints. The game is based mostly on the first film in the The Mummy series , taking place immediately after Evie resurrects Imhotep. The game was released on November 17 A.

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